Muscle car - single as usual

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But Gibson takes the next step with their Convergent Flow Technology (CFT) and actually tunes the exhaust as it flows through the muffler. With CFT the muffler isn't just an impediment to flow that must be overcome, it becomes a tool to increase power and improve sound. CFT mufflers feature a unique, internal angular design that creates a venturi effect. Exhaust gases converge to equalize and synchronize exhaust pulses while chambers create pressure to draw exhaust gases into the muffler and expel them at a higher velocity. Directional louvered tuning ports guide exhaust gases into resonance chambers to create a deep, throaty exhaust tone. And the increased flow and great sound is achieved without using any muffler packing, so there's no packing to blow out. Your exhaust flow and sound will remain consistent throughout the life of the muffler.

Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, one of these heads weighs only 22 pounds bare or 29 pounds complete with valves and springs. Large, free-flowing intake and exhaust ports look nicer "out of the box" than most port jobs you'll find done to factory heads. Instead of casting the ports small (like the factory did) and having to port them yourself, we've designed the ports to flow out of the box, better than a "full race" ported factory head would. Port volumes are about 212CC's on the intake and 72CC's on the exhaust. Intakes flow about 280-290 CFM as cast, with the potential to reach at least 330 CFM or more with porting. Compare that to 215-220 CFM from even the best factory production heads such as 906's or even 915's! Larger " and " valve sizes also come standard. Combustion chamber is a "closed chamber" design, with quench area built in, so the benefits of running "tight quench" can be realized. Chamber size "as cast" is about 80cc's. All standard factory mounting locations for alternator, etc are in place. Super thick 5/8" deck surface ensures these heads have tons of meat in the deck to withstand high compression, nitrous, or to allow for plenty of milling. Use this feature to reduce the chamber size.. (great for getting high compression ratios AND great flame travel with a flat-top piston.)

Muscle Car - Single As UsualMuscle Car - Single As UsualMuscle Car - Single As UsualMuscle Car - Single As Usual