Safdar hussain - fata fatt vol. i

Firm Faith in Al lah by a Car Mechanic .  One has to understand the essence of belief. No one is saying that one should not wash one’s  hands. Everyone knows that  “safai nisf iman hai” . Probably the germs are not killed by reciting the kalma but look at the firm trust of this car mechanic in Allah. It is called tawakal . The moral of this story is about tawakal in Allah.

Govt announced Bio-Metric system for Benazir income support beneficiaries. The government rejected UBL ATM Card system and introduced the new biometric system in order to get the amount every beneficiary must visit Telenor Shop or Franchise. After thumb verification, every beneficiary received different amount according to criteria so now there is no risk of loss payment or any fraudulent. This is very good step by Government. There were a lot of complaints and people were fraudulently getting money in the name of beneficiaries. Many scammers and fraud people were active during this programme by sending SMS and Calling them to make poor people fool. PTA and govt should take action against this group and many people arrested but many of them are still active. Govt take action to make this system neat and clean. This step is taken by Marvi Memon chairperson of Benazir income support programme

Safdar Hussain - Fata Fatt Vol. ISafdar Hussain - Fata Fatt Vol. ISafdar Hussain - Fata Fatt Vol. ISafdar Hussain - Fata Fatt Vol. I